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SCIP - The complete Angel Network management solution

Making Angel Networks cost-effective
SCIP capability
Application management
Business Advisor management
Subsequent capital raising or exits
Applicant screening and selection
Management of capital raising 
Digital conferences and events
Angel Network workflow management
Capital release to start-up
Business analytics and visualization tools
Investment process management
Share register
Unified data archival
Management of Angels and portfolios
Post investment reporting of performance
Work allocation tool
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SCIP capability
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Operating Angel Networks | New Angel Networks
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If you are an existing Angel Network or want to start an Angel Network.

Platform functionality

SCIP has the following modules to bring for efficient and cost-effective management of Angel Networks.

Angel Network management

From single dashboard Angel Network team manages entire workflow for entrepreneurs and investors.

Business Advisor Management

Onboarding Business Advisors - applications, engagement, selection, profile management, and scheduling and tracking due diligence and investment document review.

Angel Network efficiency


Define and track the metrics to manage the Angel Network using BI and visualization tool.


Separate dashboards for entrepreneurs, Angel Network management team, Business Advisors and Angels to manage their entire work.


Easy scheduling of actions, tasks, and meetings for start-ups, Business Advisors and Angels and track all engagement sessions.

Entrepreneur selection

Onboard entrepreneurs - applications, screening, engagement, evaluation, and selection for further investment. 

Management of Angels

Onboard Angel investors - applications, engagement, selection, profile management, scheduling pitch presentations, polling of investment interest, investment, and investment portfolio management.

Data Management

Unified archival and access of all emails, video conference meeting, and messaging. Data is retained in the system.

BI and visualization tool

Track, measure, and monitor the start-ups that are invested in. Customize reports and analysis as needed for reviewing start-up’s progress or the angel network performance.

Data Privacy and Security

Secured data infrastructure

Built-in Chat feature

Communicate with colleagues, entrepreneurs, Business Advisors and Angels from the application with in-built chat feature.

Entrepreneur management 

Manage selected entrepreneurs - track preparation for pitching, creation of investment documentation, schedule pitch presentation, manage the capital raise and capital deployment, and post-investment reporting and progress.

Investment exit and subsequent capital raising

Manage secondary market transactions as well as second capital raise if needed.

SCIP eases management

Auto trigger of reminders, mails, and messages as task completion triggers to ease management of milestones.

Built-in conferencing feature

Schedule and manage video conferences and meetings. Record everything for future use.

Payment gateway

CCAvenue for collection of fees and investment as needed.

Stnd feat

Standard features

Operating Angel Networks

For an existing Angel Network. SCIP has everything you need to manage your existing Angel Network.

New In
Operating In

New Angel Networks

Want to start an Angel Network. SCIP will help start your Angel Network. We have the process and resources to start an angel network.


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